Welcome to Vorpal Dice Press

October 06, 2021

Hello and welcome to vorpaldicepress.com!

This website serves as the landing page, product catalogue, and blog for our small operation Vorpal Dice Press.

Who are we?

Vorpal Dice Press is owned and operated by Steve Fidler, it’s sole employee! We create and publish Table Top RPG content—in particular Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition—under the Open Game License and at Dungeon Masters Guild under the Community Content Agreement.

In addition to writing, designing, and creating our own content we also collaborate with other creators both as a writer and a graphic designer for their PDFs and books.

Vorpal Dice Press officially started in August 2018 with our first publication on DriveThruRPG: Fighting Maneuvers.

Since then, we’ve released and contributed to over 50 products! We teamed up with Ed Greenwood and an all-star team of writers and artists on the Amarune’s Almanac line of Forgotten Realms supplements, and produced the hit titles Mythic Encounters, Playing Dead, Kercpa Squirrelfolk, and more!

Contact Us

You can reach Steve at Vorpal Dice Press through the following methods:

email: [email protected] twitter: @vorpaldicepress