Vorpal Dice Press Discord!

December 03, 2021

We have a Discord Server now!
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Welcome to the official discord of Vorpal Dice Press

Thank you for joining us in this discord!

Our goal here is to provide a platform where you can interact with us: getting news on new releases, discussing design, accessing preview and playtest material, and more!

And not just us! Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, discuss your own design, and share products you love with one another!

We only ask that you adhere to the following rules

  1. Zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind, including but not limited to: Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, & Ableism.

  2. Respect the other users of this discord. When discussing design, there is always subjectivity and there will be disagreements. Keep your conversations civil and constructive. Any abuse or harmful messaging to another member of this discord will be dealt with.

  3. No discussion of NFTs or Cryptocurrency. Vorpal Dice Press does not engage with these products for any number of reasons and we don’t encourage discussion on these topics.

  4. Feel free to discuss your own work, share links to product pages, and advertise but only in the appropriate channels.

  5. No Piracy! Do not share PDFs, image galleries, links to piracy websites, or apps that engage in the sharing of pirated material. For the purposes of an ongoing discussion, reasonable snippets of small sections of content can be shared.