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ARCADIA 13 is here! This issue contains the following three articles and has cover from Nick De Spain.

Inside ARCADIA 13:

Group Maneuvers by Steve Fidler with art from Gustavo Pelissari. Has your barbarian ever wanted to toss the fighter into the fray? Have your ranger and rogue asked to fire their arrows at the same to make dodging harder for another target? Want two dragons to overlap their breath weapons at the same time on unsuspecting adventurers? This article provides new teamwork reactions that heroes and their foes can use to make combat more dynamic.

Monsters of Wonderland by Kat Kruger with art from Henrik Rosenborg. Inspired by the works of author Lewis Carroll, this article brings you new whimsical creatures to challenge your players with strange magical abilities. The bandersnatch, hag moth, mome rath, and snark come to life in these stat blocks, and they’re not asking you to join a tea party.

Poor Undead Souls by Mario Ortegón with art from Elisa Serio and Faizal Fikri. Not all ghosts are the same. Each has their own unfinished business that keeps them in the world of mortals. That’s why this article brings you seven new ghost variants, each with lore, exorcism techniques, new traits and action options, and a sample NPC spirit.

Date Published: February 25, 2022

Last Modified: February 25, 2022

Authors: Steve Fidler, Kat Kruger, and Mario Ortegón

Artists: Nick De Spain, Gustavo Pelissari, Henrik Rosenborg, Faizal Friki, and Elisa Serio

Editor: Sadie Lowry, Hannah Rose, and James Introcaso

Graphic Design: Jen McCleary

Sensitity Reader: Jessica Marcrum

Accessibility Consultant: Chris Hopper