Cover Art by Ernanda Souza

One of my favorite things about ARCADIA covers is the chance to let artists come up with their own cool fantasy creations, and this beautiful sea jaguar is no exception! From ocean to forest, she and her rider are going on epic adventures—and looking gorgeous while they’re at it. (Hey, it’s fantasy, we can have perfect hair all the time if we want.)

Legendary Inspiration by Steve Fidler with art from Marcel Budde

So you know that optional inspiration rule? Maybe your group uses it, maybe they don’t, maybe you MEAN to use it but the GM forgets to hand it out or the players forget to spend it….

Enter this inspired (pun fully intended) article full of new ways for characters to gain inspiration and use it to do epic, meaningful, and fun things. Pick your favorite new inspiration rules to suit your group and campaign—and don’t forget to browse the inspiration-based magic items.

Malevolent Forces by Sam Mannell with art from Bruno Machado

Skeletons and dragons and ogres are all well and good, but there’s nothing quite like a table full of players freaking out about a really weird and terrifying creature, caught between delicious fear and gratifying appreciation. There’s a pack of skull hounds, implacable gravediggers, and the deeply horrifying dreameater, all ready for GMs to use to ghastly effect.

Quick, Take My Spellsled! by Imogen Gingell with art from Linda Lithén

Your players might come to Silverside to visit the prestigious Universitas Arcanum … but a high-speed spellsled race on a track marked by magical graffiti (speed boosts and explosive runes included) is where the real fun is at. Disclaimer: letting the party acquire spellsleds for their future adventures may result in wacky hijinks, dramatic entrances, epic maneuvers, and/or spectacular collisions.

Date Published: February 23, 2023

Last Modified: February 23, 2023

Authors: Steve Fidler, Sam Mannell, and Imogen Gingell

Artists: Ernanda Souza, Marcel Budde, Bruno Machado, and Linda Lithen

Editor: Sadie Lowry, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, and Hannah Rose

Graphic Design: Jen McCleary

Sensitity Reader: James Mendez Hodes

Accessibility Consultant: Chris Hopper