The Compendium of Written Works: Faerûn

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The Compendium of Written Works: Faerûn

Do your players’ characters like to read books? Is finding a library to do monster research something that occurs frequently in your games? Is there a character in your world who just wants to gobble up all the written knowledge that they possibly can? Do you just like books? If so, then this supplement is for you!

What’s Inside?

This compendium features downtime rules guidance and over 60 books (or other written works) for Dungeon Masters to use as rewards for knowledge-seeking players.

Each book listing is complete with a downtime reading time and a mechanical completion benefit to convey that the character has learned something from reading the book. These benefits range from damage bonuses to skill gains, and more!

Every book presented in this Compendium can easily be used in any campaign set in Faerûn, and all can easily work in other campaign settings with a simple title change to fit your campaign setting. You can adapt any of the written works’ benefits as needed. Several tables are included in this supplement to aid Dungeon Masters in creating custom books as well.

Included in this supplement is a section with information about different types of libraries for use in your games, as well as descriptions of some of the most famous libraries in Faerûn.

Lastly, every book offered in this supplement is included in a printer friendly handout sheet at the end of the supplement, as well as blank handout cards for custom books that a Dungeon Master invents for their games!

Date Published: March 24, 2020

Last Modified: March 24, 2020

Authors: Robyn Nix and Steve Fidler

Artists: Roselysium, Robyn Nix, and Wizards of the Coast

Editors: Ashton Duncan

Graphic Design: Lydia Van Hoy

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