Cursed Classes: Even Cursier

Dungeon Master's Guild

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cursed, we’re back, Even Cursier than before! You were just experimenting with some unusual ingredients in your stew and you’ve gone and turned yourself into one of the covenborn! Captured in the Underdark, you awaken as a broken creation in the middle of ceremorphisis. You refuse to let them have you and so you headbutt a rock. The hive surely won’t want someone as broken a ceremorph as you, will they? The answer to the question ‘Why classes?’ is even more classes! We’re unrelenting and you can be too. Featuring plenty of new options for subclasses, magical items, and backgrounds. We even tricked some talented adventure writers into writing ridiculous cursed-adjacent stuff with us!

Also, we’re not jerks, we got you covered. Every copy of Cursed Class: Even Cursier comes with the Cursed Classes Reference Document! All the subclasses in this book are entirely playable with only this purchase! Still, you should get the first one, it’s good, seriously!

2 NEW Cursed Classes!

20 NEW Subclasses!

2 Backgrounds that can fit a Cursed Class into any campaign!

36 spells for your Cursed and not Cursed classes!

23 spooky items!

Bound Spirit: Iron golem created by the original creator and a new wild MIMIC based bound spirit! We’ve lost our minds!

Floraspawn: Someone said we didn’t have enough ‘allure’ in our plants, so now we have entirely too much. Also, death. Death plants, yeah, we’re serious.

Lich: Did someone say our lich’s were too soft? Well, no one actually said that, but we went hard on this one. Double your creepy with a new Shadow archetype! Also we put a lich in your lich so you can continue to play a lich while being under the command of a lich!

Lycanthrope: Forget the rules, we’re just doing whatever is fun. Bats? Sure, why not? Sharks? Wait.. no.. Bison? Design team, you need to stop! WYVERNS?! …I give up.

Revenant: Under the control of a cruel force, you finally manage to destroy them only to find out their enchantment is still on you. Might as well make the best of it! Also, we made a divine revenant, because why the heck not?!

Vampire: We all know that vampires needed more magic, especially magic channeled through their blood. Also, a new vampire which is based on the earliest forms of those that hunt for blood; real messy and violent, you’ll love it!

Covenborn: They’re not witches, they’re kinda hags, but they’re not beholden to the forces of the dark. They make their own rules with twigs in their hair and their hands on their hearts, or someone else’s heart. We also tossed in three new amazing subclasses to delve deeper into their ‘weird’ powers

Ceremorph: Mindflayers are hot right now, and we knew that. We also knew that psionics are a dangerous new concept that we needed to handle with care. Our ceremorphs aren’t perfectly part of the whole colony. In fact they might take it on themselves to get revenge on those that changed them. They also come with three new options on how to meld into your mental domination.

Date Published: June 22, 2020

Last Modified: June 22, 2020

Authors: Isaac May, Steve Fidler, Bryan Holmes, E. R. F. Jordan, Ryan Langr, Jackson Lewis, Ashley May, Robyn Nix, and Matthew Whitby

Artists: Dana Braga and Ashley May

Editors: Ryan Langr and Isaac May

Graphic Design: Ashley May