Infamous Adversaries

Dungeon Master's Guild

Infamous Adversaries is a collection of 40 original takes on classic D&D monsters, each designed to be dropped into your ongoing campaign as a side quest or as the focus of a one-shot game. The collection features adversaries for every tier of play, including foes with challenge ratings as low as 1/4 and as high as 30. Each adversary includes a plot hook to spark your party’s interest, advice on roleplaying the villain, and the ne’er-do-well’s preferred tactics. Each entry concludes with a description of the unique rewards for characters who defeat the adversary—new magic items, new spells, allies, and other prizes your players will love!

Date Published: October 29, 2019

Last Modified: October 29, 2019

Authors: Benjamin Huffman, David Adams, Chris Clarke, Hiten Dave, Catherine Evans, Steve Fidler, Bayley Gillier, Justin Jessel, Andrea Maffia, Iam Pace, Themis Paraskevas, John D. Parker, Darrin G. Scott, Matt Standfast, Simone Rossi Tisbeni, and Jason R. Wallace

Artists: Jacob Atienza, Jacob E. Blackmon, Brianna Boyette, Gary Dupuis, grandfailure, junkestar, Slim Mittens, Nathanaël Roux, and Wizards of the Coast

Editors: Benjamin Huffman and Alan Tucker

Graphic Design: Nathanaël Roux

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