Showdown in Spellhold: A Player Primer Adventure

Dungeon Master's Guild

Off the coast of Amn lies Spellhold, a long-abandoned magical asylum where the most dangerous mages of old would be held. Spellhold is strictly off-limits to all, but strange lights have been spotted from the mainland. So the Council of Five, rulers of Amn, have allowed access to a very select few—including the players! Heroes will have to navigate the demands and desires of Amn’s most powerful factions while searching for the secret truth of Spellhold.

Showdown in Spellhold is designed as a one-shot introduction to Amn and its factions and provides new heroes with opportunities to form relationships that can lead to an ongoing campaign. With your purchase you will receive:

  • A one-shot adventure for Tier 1 (levels 1-4) characters
  • Two custom illustrated maps

Date Published: January 19, 2021

Last Modified: January 19, 2021

Authors: Steve Pankotai and Bryan Holmes

Artists: Steve Pankotai and Wizards of the Coast

Editors: Lauren Campbell

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

Tier 1
Forgotten Realms