The Chardalynist: An Artificer Subclass

Vorpal Dice Press

A Free Subclass for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

There is nothing more appealing to an artificer than some new material to explore: testing the metallurgical properties, mixing liquids and recording their reactions, and learning how to use these findings to produce a new and wonderful contraption. The artificers of ancient Netheril made much use of chardlyn, an obsidian-like gemstone, in their spellcasting. The full extent of this knowledge was lost with the empire, and the gemstones primarily became a vessel for storing magic.

When Crenshinibon was believed to have been destroyed in 1366 DR, its powerful necromantic energy suffused the land with corrupting magic, transforming chardalyn into what is also known as black ice. The material is dangerous to handle, capable of corrupting the bearer—but its magical properties are rife for exploitation by an individual with the right tools to handle it.

Infuse the dead with the evil power of the Crystal Shard and create undead vestiges of your foes.

Just one of the powers of black ice, at your finger tips.

Date Published: September 15, 2020

Last Modified: September 15, 2020

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: Jack Holliday and Wizards of the Coast

Editor: E. R. F. Jordan

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

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