The Chosen

Vorpal Dice Press

Version 1.1 Released!


  • Class Table: Innate Spell Level added to class table
  • Base Class: “Hidden Potential” Metamagic options adjusted to short or long rest recovery
  • Base Class: “Innate Spell Mastery” moved to 7th level
  • Base Class: “Adept Casting (4/rest)” moved to 15th level

  • Draconic Blood Origin: “Primordial Power” moved to 6th level, changed from an increase to 4d8 damage to giving a 1d8 bump to damage at 6th (to 2d8 damage) and another 2d8 at 10th (to 4d8 damage) to smooth the damage curve.

  • Wild Talent Origin: “Expression: Psionic Talents” slightly reworded. Assault talent added as a basic damaging ability.

Assault: Make a ranged spell attack against a creature you can see within 60 feet. On hit, you deal 2d6 + half your Chosen level psychic damage to the target, and you have advantage on attack rolls against that target until this effect ends.

  • Wild Talent Origin: “Random Bullshit, Go!” name changed to “Unleash”

The Chosen Class

Chosen are extraordinary users of magic. Their innate or natural ability to manifest magic and wield it is intrinsic to their very being and as such every part of their life is suffused with magic. Chosen are more likely to open a door by pushing it with a conjured gust of wind than by using their hands. They require no formal training to call upon magic, relying instead on simply doing it so often it becomes effortless. The absence of training also means a chosen’s magic can be much unlike that of a learned caster. Where a wizard will follow the formula to conjure a fireball to the letter—producing the same, expected red ball of flame each time—a chosen’s fireball might be irregular or explode into existence with force. Such effects might be a personal flourish, or unexpected circumstance.

Manifestation of your Power

The latent power of a chosen can be derived from multiple different sources. Are you just one in a long line of powerful and prodigious magicians, or does your blood contain the power of an ancient magical being, manifesting as magical aptitude? Were you exposed to a site or event with a strong connection to magic, such as a planar rift or devastating arcane disaster?

People can go their entire life with this power hidden just beneath the surface, having never manifested. In some cases, an outside force is required to unlock the chosen’s potential. Powerful beings can willfully unlock a chosen’s potential. These patrons might act as a guide, staying with the chosen for a long time helping them to master their abilities as a mentor; or they might extract a toll from the chosen to simply open the door to their power, then disappear never to resurface again.

Living with Destiny

The life of a chosen is that of a natural born adventurer, with their powers being seen as a manifest destiny towards a life of legend. Chosen tend to be well-rounded as they have the time to experience the world around them at large in place of having their head buried in books and time spent in cloistered towers practicing their art.

Date Published: November 22, 2021

Last Modified: January 07, 2022

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: warmtail

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler