The Consort

Dungeon Master's Guild

Have you ever wanted to fall in love with the Fae? Ever wanted to spend all your days being waited on hand and foot inside an otherworldly castle of the Faewild? Ever wanted to defend the hand of your beloved, through any means necessary?

Well, I can’t help you there. Your D&D character, on the other hand, I CAN help.

The Consort is a half caster tank/damage dealer that receives their power from their innate magical bond with their chosen Fae Sovereign.

In this supplement:

  • The Consort Class

  • 4 Fey Sovereign Archetypes

  • 5 New Spells, exclusive to the Consort

  • 8 Fey Themed Magic Items

Date Published: January 13, 2020

Last Modified: January 13, 2020

Authors: Jackson Lewis

Artists: Nathanaël Roux, Storn Cook, Thomas Gainsborough, and Wizards of the Coast

Editors: Ryan Langr

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler