Player Primer: Calimshan

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Calimshan! The most ancient human civilization in the Forgotten Realms. A land of wonder, magic, and wealth. People from across the world travel seeking their fortunes in Calimshan, only to meet their end in the treacherous Calim Desert. Devious pashas vie for power while the remnants of genie warlords lurk in the sands. All this and more await you in Calimshan!

This supplement contains everything a DM and players need to begin a campaign set in Calimshan including:

  • Life in Calinshan
  • Important events
  • Regions & cities
  • Factions
  • New & adapted backgrounds
  • A map of Calimshan
  • A Character Chronicle system to build characters that feel grounded in Calimshan
  • A dark “dusk” version, a light “dawn” version, and a printer-friendly version of the document

Our Character Chronicle, adapted from the Heroic Chronicle created in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, is a system of character creation that helps players create characters with strong ties to Amn. This includes goals, secrets, and even favorite foods! Useful for any player, this system can also be used to create more fully-realized villains for your campaign. 

Once your heroes are complete, bring them to life in _The Prison of Lord Jhakiz: A Player Primer Adventure! _This adventure is designed to be an introduction to the region for new characters and players. It includes information on scaling up the game and plot hooks for creating an ongoing campaign!

Date Published: March 21, 2021

Last Modified: March 22, 2021

Authors: M.T. Black, Bryan Holmes, and Steven Pankotai

Artists: Dean Spencer, Wizards of the Coast, Adobe Stock, and Bob Greyvenstein

Editor: Stuart Broz

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

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