Van Richten's Treatise on Lycanthropy

Dungeon Masters Guild

Werebeasts beware! _Van Richten’s Treatise on Lycanthropy _revolutionizes the werebeast’s curse like never before! This massive, 154-page supplement contains the following additions to gothic horror’s greatest beast:

Van Richten’s Notes. The supplement includes an in-game guide to lycanthropy written by the esteemed monster hunter Rudolph van Richten himself. This guide can be given directly to your players (and found by their characters) without the worry of metagaming or spoilers. Beware, however, for Van Richten is only human, and though his expertise is unparalleled, the scholar is still fallible!

New Lycanthropy Rules. Gone are the messy rules of lycanthropy. With clear instructions on how the affliction is spread and cured, and how it affects its victims, you can run the disease for both PCs and NPCs alike.

New Player Options. Was your character infected with lycanthropy or born with the affliction? With a new ancestry option, and five racial feats, you can kit out your own true lycanthrope PC.

New Werebeast Phenotypes. Face the ravenous werecrocodile or battle the dreaded werewalrus! This supplement features six new lycanthrope phenotypes, in addition to the werebat and wereraven of other official sources. Van Richten’s adds werecats (lions, cheetahs, and jaguars, oh my), werecrocodiles, werefoxes, werehyenas, wereserpents, weresharks, and, of course, werewalruses.

New Werebeast Statistics. Bored of a mere werewolf? With over thirty variant statbolcks, you can hurl werewolf alphas, wererat masterminds, and more at your players. However, no werebeast is as fearsome as the apex—a lycanthrope of legendary strength and resilience, born out of dark and unnatural means. Of these terrifying beasts, the CR 15 Werewolf Apex reigns supreme.

New Items. Five new magic items and a litany of other tools that no lycanthrope hunter should leave home without!


Date Published: July 08, 2021

Last Modified: July 09, 2021

Authors: Wyatt Trull and Vall Syrene

Artists: Molino Davide, Anastasiya, Андрій Берекеля, b-design, Bob Greyvenstein, Dean Spencer, Dominick, James Webster, Konstantin Gerasimov, Luigi Castellani, Quico Vicens Picatto, Wizards of the Coast, and Vecteezy

Editor: Laura Hirsbrunner

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

Van Richten