Prism: Trio of Light

Vorpal Dice Press

Three New Subclasses for the best selling Prism class!

The Prism bring a unique gameplay experience to the table. A prism has a pool of influence that restores at the start of each turn in combat, and increases in size steadily as they level. This influence is the fuel for their basic actions - called Projections - each turn and can be spent while using a projection to alter the emotional state of a target. This is done to both punish enemies and to bolster allies.

New Facets of Light

The three new subclasses offered here: the Ally, Flame, and Fractured facets unlock never before seen ways of manipulating the Magic of Light and interacting with the world as a Prism. Pull from within a manifestation of your true self, and function as a dyad on the battlefield; look past the flickering flames and see the light within, and wrest control of that elemental power; and become so powerful that your own inner light begins to sunder your form, trying to break free - learn this power, and become light itself.

Prism Class Testimonials

[…] I’ve seen the prism. I hate the idea of adding more and more classes to the game when the archetype system exists. But if a player asked me to use the prism, I’d say yes. I see no reason it should be a single archetype so it works as a full class. It is (to my eye) balanced as heck, it’s thematic (which is important in D&D, if your supplement can’t add to the narrative then it falls flat to me), and it’s well composed. Nothing about it feels rushed. It shows that it’s a labor of love, time, and effort. It’s good content.

  • DMsGuild Author Bryan Holmes

Mechanically? It’s pretty [bleep] awesome. Thematically? It’s flavorful as hell, and what it does is very clear. ACOG_Muffin @ Discord of Many Things

A unique concept executed well. Prism introduces a new light-weight magic system with a lot of potential for expressive characters and new stories. Izzy @ Discord of Many Things

It feels good, it reads well, I was jazzed about the influence progression and and core mechanics for projections and barriers. twitter user @itsjoshnow

Date Published: March 05, 2020

Last Modified: March 05, 2020

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: Lluis Abadias, warmtail, quick-shooting, Bob Greyvenstein, and Alexandra Haynak

Editor: Ryan Langr

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler