Variant Fighter

Vorpal Dice Press

The Variant Fighter by Vorpal Dice Press acts as a bridge for groups who love the flavorful combat options of battlemaster maneuvers but don’t want to always be a battlemaster on every character they play. Presented here are a variety of battlemaster maneuvers, and new maneuvers, reformatted and balanced to work as a base class feature for the Fighter class.

In addition to these base class maneuvers, there are subclass specific maneuvers for many fighter archetypes, and a Tactician subclass to replace the lost Battlemaster.

Date Published: June 17, 2022

Last Modified: June 17, 2022

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: Konstantin Gerasimov, Storn Cook, Dean Spencer, Bob Greyvenstein, Matt Forsyth, warmtail, James Joong, Henrik Karppinen, and Juan Diego Dianderas

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler