Amarune's Adventures: The Vanishing of Arcanist Hildebane

Vorpal Dice Press

Amarune's Adventures is a series of short 3-6 hour adventures that explore the various locations detailed in the best selling Amarune's Almanac series.

The Vanishing of Arcanist Hildebane

On the fringes of the forest known as Tangled Trees, arcanists and scholars mount expeditions into the inhospitable overgrowth from their basecamp at Survey Site 801. Their mission: to study the strange, twisted flora and assess if the abandoned forest can be tamed and inhabited by civilized races once again. When one of the famed arcanists, Eloris Hildebane, goes missing, the party is dispatched to find and recover Hildebane alive or dead.

Date Published: July 13, 2020

Last Modified: July 13, 2020

Authors: DropTheDie and Amarune's Almanac Team

Artists: Nathanaël Roux, Shiah "Cinder" Irgangladen, Simon Berger, Fil Kearney, and Dusty Haynes

Editor: Ryan Langr

Graphic Design: Nathanaël Roux

Forgotten Realms
Tier 1