Amarune's Adventures: Vagrant in Wonderland

Vorpal Dice Press

Amarune's Adventures is a series of short 3-6 hour adventures that explore the various locations detailed in the best selling Amarune's Almanac series.

Vagrant in Wonderland

Vagrant in Wonderland is a whimsical Alice-esque journey into the depths of Araumycos, the Great Fungus. The characters encounter Vagrant, an intrepid myconid scout living within Araumycos who is looking for outside help for a great crisis that has befallen their colony – vast parts of Araumycos are dying and they do not know why or how to stop it. When the party accepts Vagrant’s plea for help, they are led underground through a secret passage. There’s one catch: Vagrant uses the shrinking pygmywort mushroom to get them all inside – but they have no matching bigwig mushrooms left to restore them to their actual size again! The party soon discovers that the mystery of the dying colony and a fresh source for bigwig mushrooms may be closely linked…

Date Published: July 13, 2020

Last Modified: July 13, 2020

Authors: Sven Truckenbrodt and Amarune's Almanac Team

Artists: Nathanaël Roux, Shiah "Cinder" Irgangladen, Alexandra Petruk, and Bruno Balixa

Editor: Ryan Langr

Graphic Design: Nathanaël Roux

Forgotten Realms
Tier 2