Amarune's Adventures: The Shardcaster of Yuirwood

Vorpal Dice Press

Amarune's Adventures is a series of short 3-6 hour adventures that explore the various locations detailed in the best selling Amarune's Almanac series.

The Shardcaster of Yuirwood

Aglarond, on the southeastern edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, is a nation of human merchants and ancient elves. The sprawling Yuirwood also houses the greatest population of half-elves in all the Realms. Since the death of Simbul, Aglarond has been under attack by the Red Wizards of Thay to the east, the Abolethic Sovereignty from far beyond, and incursions from the Feywild within the ancient Yuirwood. The few Star Elves that once called Yuir home have found their new cosmology adjacent to attack from mysterious sorcerers known as Nilshai, and this conflict overflows into the Yuirwood itself.

This adventure draws inspiration from the third edition adventure The Twilight Tomb as well as Bruce Cordell’s Stardeep, which introduces and explores the Star Elves and their relationship to Yuirwood.

Date Published: June 30, 2020

Last Modified: June 30, 2020

Authors: Chris Hopper and Amarune's Almanac Team

Artists: Nathanaël Roux, Chris Hopper, jeshields, Bertrand Borie, Markus Spiske, and Dusty Haynes

Editor: Ryan Langr

Graphic Design: Nathanaël Roux

Forgotten Realms
Tier 2