The Warden Class

Vorpal Dice Press


Wield the elements as a Warden, a brand new class for 5th Edition.

The Warden brings to 5th Edition a powerful mix of martial and magical prowess, influenced by nature and the world around them.

Use Natural Power, a frequently recharging pool of dice to add elemental damage and effects to you attacks.

Choose your Discipline: the Guardian, the Fanatic, the Sage, or the Dragon Guard. Each will determine your role in combat and shape how your character interacts with the world around them.

Cast brand new elemental spells which recharge on Short Rest to bolster your fighting prowess or subdue foes from a distance.

Upon reaching 3rd level, you access your Prime Element, one of five paths to choose from: Erupting Earth, Flaming Bravery, Stoic Chill, Unrelenting Storm, or Putrid Corrosion. Learn new cantrips based on these elements, as well as special attacks and effects.

As you grow stronger, you develop a deeper connection to the elements, and the world in which you live. The Warden Class has been in development and playtesting for over 4 years, and this is the definitive version, ready for your game!


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Date Published: July 21, 2020

Last Modified: July 21, 2020

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: Caio Santos

Editing: Laura Hirsbrunner

Forgotten Realms
Setting Agnostic