Mythic Encounters: The Bullywug Ascendant

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Bullywug are a swamp-dwelling creature of varying repute. Some humanoid civilizations call them primitive, others call them backwards, but neither is close to the truth. Bullywug are a voracious race, that exists with an insatiable hunger. They strip-feed off the land around them and devastate the wetland marshes in which they thrive, forcing them to move like locusts.

However, the bullywug civilization of Chelimber is built on revering the largest, most powerful creature they know of. This is thought to scholars as to why they gorge themselves, to become like that which they deify.

Never the less, the frog-like creatures are not to be taken lightly, and are capable of great things when called to task. Many have even been known to change their predisposition and seek larger things in life: adventure, riches, fame, knowledge, exploration.

The Bullywug Ascendant is not one of these bullywug, though. First prophecized by a cleric of Ramenos (the Sleeping God) who saw in imbibement-induced visions the figure of a godking bullywug who had tamed a mighty Froghemeth (possibly the avatar of Ramenos reborn), the ascendant was storied about in Chelimber for years to come.

In 1492 DR, that day did come. The bullywug swarm leader, Fushim, who had grown so bloated he could not move with the hoard after a section of the marshland had been stripped clean, called to the aid of Ramenos to draw him into a deep sleep so that he might pass the time while digesting his meal. Instead of this, beyond the horizon, the slick springing followed by the thunderous boom drew Fushim’s attention from his listful prayers. Another slick spring, this time louder and more forceful, was followed by a total eclipse of the sun. The sudden and unexpected darkness caused Fulshim great disorientation, but it did not last long. For the sun came back as the thunderous boom erupted again from within meters of his gluttonous form. His eyes adjusted for just the brief moment, to see another large bullywug figure sitting atop the largest froghemoth he had ever seen. Then, the froghemoth enveloped the swarm leader in one swift gulp, and it and its rider moved onward.

Or at least, that is how the story goes. None questioned the Ascendant when he arrived at the swarm, declaring himself their new leader. For he was the largest, and the Ascendant, and that made him a god among them.

Date Published: July 02, 2020

Last Modified: July 02, 2020

Authors: Steve Fidler

Artists: Bruno Balixa and Wizards of the Coast

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

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