Wyrms of the Realms: Mythic Encounters

Dungeon Masters Guild

33 Dragons of Myth and Legend!

Awaken these ancient beings and watch the panic and chaos ensue as they fly over your campaign! These dragons each appeared in the articles “Wyrms of the North” or “Wyrms of the Realms” from Dragon Magazine and are making their fifth edition appearances in this hefty tome!

  • 29 Dragons from Dragon Magazine: metallic, chromatic, and gem dragons!
  • Mythic statistics for Bahamut and Tiamat: the dragon gods have come to your campaign and only the worthiest of characters can test their mettle.
  • A never-before seen dragon created by the sage Ed Greenwood: The Ghost Wyrm Orothdroun. This original dragon was created for the magazine, but has never been seen until now!
  • Rewards galore! Mythic magic items, spells, and boons as rewards for heroes and villains with the skill and bravery to face mythic encounters!

Date Published: October 19, 2021

Last Modified: October 19, 2021

Authors: Ashton Duncan, Bryan Holmes, Cassandra MacDonald, J. A. Valeur, Magnus Vogel, Noah Grand, and Steve Fidler

Artists: Dean Spencer, Marcel Budde, Fil Kearney, Adobe Stock, and Wizards of the Coast

Editor: E. R. F. Jordan

Graphic Design: Steve Fidler

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